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Auto Network Consulting provides a number of products that can boost the profits of your dealership. Review the following protection plans and programs. Contact us today for more information.


Vehicle Service Contracts

We offer A rated plans as we know and understand the foundation of your business.  We are anchored in quality customer service knowing your customers need the confidence that their repairs will be covered.  Our comprehensive vehicle service contracts provide customer-centric compliant solutions while amplifying your F&I profitability. 

Road Hazard Protection

Even the most cautious driver may not foresee the unexpected that can compromise his new vehicle purchase such as potholes, nails, parking lot dents, dings and windshield repairs  not covered by new car warranties.  Provide your customer the peace of mind that when the unexpected occurs—their investment is protected.  


Paint & Fabric

Our sealants provide the finest industry leading, state of the art, environmentally friendly,  performance tested products that safeguard your customer’s investment inside and out.  They  include cutting edge technology that we are confident will last.  That is why they are backed with limited warranties that will not only protect the vehicle but your customers investment.

Risk Protection

While your F&I team is doing its job to assist your customers with managing risk, we dig deep into processes within your F&I Department to manage yours.  Our team of experts will analyze and perform regular analyses and trend metrics on your team’s performance with regards to PVR, penetration, turnover and, most importantly, compliance. 

Dealer Owned Programs

We offer an array of options that include dealer direct, dealer administrative obligor, dealer obligor, and retro-programs. ANC has created reinsurance accounts for over the past 12 years. Reinsurance does not need to be a confusing matter. Transparency is the key to a true relationship. We can assure you that is our core value at ANC. 


Theft Protect

Whether you need a security system, GPS tracking device, Lojack or theft protection. We have packages that are meaningful and affordable for your customers. They do not infringe on the original factory wiring the vehicle has which may pose unsolicited problems in the future. 

GAP Addendum

We offer direct, retro or reinsured Gap programs based on your states regulations and lenders approvals. Our programs are A rates carriers and are comparable with most DMS systems! 


Maintenance Products

We offer DO and Direct programs that are customized to your dealerships needs.  We pride ourselves in knowing that this product is essential for customer retention. We have mastered the do’s and don’ts!


Lease Products

Lease customers need options to buy. We understand that these options must be  valuable and affordable.  That is why we created programs that fit with the lease model. 

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